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Business Coaching

Do you need novel solutions to your ongoing challenges?  Ever feel that you need a Trusted Adviser?  Someone who has a wealth of experience and the kind of perspective that can help guide you and your organization to success?  The right business coach can be the answer to these questions while adding significant value to your business.

Areas of Focus:

Financial:  Profitability, Cash Flow, Cost Management

Organizational:  Leadership, Performance, Hiring/Retention

Effectiveness:  Clarity, Communications, Time Management

Strategic:  Planning, Capital Raises, Exit

By focusing on key areas of your business, Coaching will have a greater Return On Investment than you can envision.  All Businesses have challenges.  The only way to grow is to Change to meet those challenges.  Coaching brings that Change to life!


Coaching Programs


One on One Coaching:  For the Business Owner and the Executive enacting the vision of the business is everything.  One on One Coaching is a custom program designed to identify and overcome obstacles in realizing that vision.  The Program is based around the work of Brian Tracy and Focal Point.  The core content is broken into 5 Modules, used to meet the needs of the Client.

Module 1:  Clarity - The Why of your Business

Module 2:  Effectiveness - Focus on Activities of Value

Module 3:  Growth - Establshing Customer Value

Module 4:  Revenue - Closing Business Efficiently

Module 5:  Leadership - Creating a Great Organization

If you have an Established Business and Need to Change, this is the Program for You!

Small Business Mastery: Small Business Owners often struggle with the Business Issues they face as the deliver excellent product and service value.  This program is eight sessions over four months and will help the Startup Business, Solo Entrepreneur, or Small Business Owner get the Value of Business Coaching without a long term commitment.

If you are a Startup or a Solo Entrepreneur, this is a focused Program for You!