Not all Organizations are ready for Business Coaching.  Sometimes they simply need help with a specific task.  In this case, you want to hire an Expert to get things done!

We have specific Expertise in the Following Areas:

Corporate Development: Need an Expert in Strategic Planning, Capital Raises or Mergers and Acquisitions?  We have 20 years of experience to bring to bear on your challenge!

Marketing:  Whether you need someone to review your Marketing Strategy or Launch a New Product we can help you get your Products and Services in front of your prospects!

Technology:  We have extensive experience in IT and Cloud Services and how they can change your business.  From choosing the right services to helping you create a new product, an expert is only a phone call away!


Consulting is custom work done under a Statement of Work that spells out the work to be performed, the time frame involved, and the cost of each deliverable.

Example Projects:

Marketing Evaluation for a Law Firm

Product Design for a E-mail Productivity Product

Mergers and Acquisition Analysis for a Private Equity Firm

There are 2 Standard Consulting Programs:

Branding Review:  This is a 4 Hour Session designed to understand the Mission, Vision, Values of the Business and how they create a Unique Value Proposition for your Ideal Clients.  The Price is $800.

One Page Business Plan:  This adds another 4 Hours to the Branding Review.  The Extension adds in a Key Performance Indicator Dashboard, Financial Estimates, Goals, and a 90 Plan.  The Price is $1,500.