FBO - What are your presentations like?

I have been working with folks on their products and services as they push them into the market and I have found a common problem. I am going to talk about it here and ways you can "fix" this yourself. Many presentations are written from the perspective of the supplier not of the customer. They talk about Features as they relate to the product. What they don't do is talk about the Features as it relates to the customer.

What does a Customer want out of a presentation. What they want is to know several things:

- What problem is this Product or Service Address?

- What will the Outcome for the customer be if they adopt any solution to this problem?

- Why is this Product or Service better than the other choices for the customer?

- What is the Cost of the Product or Service?

A better way to look at this is probably is through the lens of Gleicher's Forumla.

D * V * F > R

In this formula:

D = Dissatisfaction with the current situtation

V = Vision of what is possible

F = First, Concrete steps that can be taken


R = Resistance to change

When you think about your presentation then you need to address this formula first. Lead qualificantion is all about finding the "D". "V" and "F" are all about you telling your potential customer about your solution. If you have solved this for "R" then you have a lead that is likely to buy a product or service in your area.

The second bit is different. Now you need to set yourself apart from your competition. This is the technical part of the conversation where you talk about the details of your product and set it apart from your competition. The important part of this is to understand the basis that the potential customer will make a choice. They will make choices about you as a salesperson and your company but they must also have view on why your product is a better choice.

If you see these issues in your business, feel free to contact me...Just let me know!

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