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Today, I am returning to my business blogging with a couple of other notes...Tomorrow, I plan to talk about the Advanced Fibre Communications and that may have some historical interest. Last night, I was at the gym and another member was talking about his computer becoming infected by a virus.  I chatted with him and he was unaware of the seriousness of this.  Between chats with his IT guy, I made sure that all the data on his computer could be corrupted.  The only way to be sure that the malware was gone was to return his computer to bare metal.  I think he got the point after our conversation.

But returning to my previous business topic, I was talking about problems or dissatisfaction as the starting point of a customer presentation.  After that, if you look at Gleicher's formula you then have V for Vison and F for First Steps.  That is where you need to head next.

The presentation needs to make clear what the Outcome for the customer is when adopting your solution.  The problem that they are suffering from is eliminated or mitigated and their business and their life is improved because of this.  Remember, you need to put this in terms that matter to the customer.  You will then have created a linkage.  This linkage is between the problem and the solution.  The customer will then link this to the outcome that you paint for them with their solution.

Done correctly, this will lead them to the 3rd part of Gleicher's Formula - First Steps.  This is where you begin to talk about your solution in any detail at all.  Before this point, you are only discussing the customer situation.  The very first step is adopting your solution.  But before you describe the solution in any detail, it is important to position the product in a broad context.  This helps the customer understand how the solution will fit within the company.

Next week, I will outline how to line up features into this presentation and really get to the detail of a product or service solution.  Tomorrow, the UMC!

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