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On the Sonoma County front, some big changes are happening.

The Graton Resort and Casino is set to open next week. This was an $820M project and will likely have a huge impact on us locally. This is said to be the largest casino in California and the closest to the Bay area. This has been a highly controversial project and will continue to be so. I plan to visit the casino over the Thanksgiving Holiday. My son has a break from school and I think I owe it to myself as a resident to see what it is. There are already plenty of TV ads running for the opening. I have no idea of what will ultimately come out of this, but this is one of the huge changes to our local economy.

Speaking of changes in May 2014 Sonoma Clean Power will start serving residents. Again, I have no idea how this will work. Most people are supposed to see little to no difference in their lives. They will still get their bill from PG&E, but over time residents will get their power from this local agency. People will have the choice on how green the power they choose is. If you live or work in Sonoma County, then you should visit for more information. I am aware that some businesses are looking at this as a way to generate some revenue by selling solar power. For some that might make a lot of sense.

One change I am making myself is that I am going to work on being certified as a Green Business! I will do this in conjunction with the Green Business Program of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. I was at an event last week called Saving Water: Business to Business that allowed me to meet lots of folks in the Water Agency and EDB. I figure its time to do what I can in my business. I will let you know what I find out along the way and my progress. Thanks to Kevin Kumataka at the Sonoma County EDB for explaining the program and encouraging me to participate!

I have been going to lunch with many friends and colleagues lately and my favorite place to take them when I can is the Culinary Cafe at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Some of you know my son is in that program. The school is built around this restaurant that serves lunch 3 days a week. It is a good school and I can vouch that the food is great! If you can, this is a way that you can help the students and the school. Reservations are recommended and the cafe is only open when school is in session.

Finally, I would like to let everyone know that I am holding a Sales Workshop in Rohnert Park at the Doubletree on 11/22. This is an all day event and is based on the work of well known author Brian Tracy. If you know anyone that needs this, please forward this along or let me know! Feel free to contact me for more details or go the following link to learn more.

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