Sonoma County News and Notes.


Well, we have all survived another Crush and the winery business is getting back to normal. The Graton Casino opened and first day was big and traffic is getting back to normal. About the only thing not normal yet is the weather. I have never waited for cold and rain to start with such anticipation.

Before I go any further, I want to remind everyone of my upcoming Sales Training Session in Rohnert Park. It will be a great way for folks to ensure that they make quota in 2014. There is more information available by following the Eventbrite link at the bottom. If you have any questions, just let me know.

I attended the readout on the local economy by Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics. The good news for all of us is that the economy is slowly picking up steam and it looks like things are really beginning to grow. His comments were all positive except in two sectors. The first is that real spending by local governments is slow. This is not on entitlements but on real projects. The other area of concern was single family home starts. His view that this was being stalled by some regulatory snafus on the mortgage side. I wonder if there is still inventory out there from foreclosures and short sales. Apparently multi-family dwellings are going well which makes me wonder about this. In any case, I would have expected both of these areas to lag our economic recovery.

I have started becoming more active in the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. I have to say I have met a lot of great people and have had quite a good time at their events. One of them was held at the new location of the Redwood Empire Food Bank and they gave us an opportunity to help the Food Bank put together packs for people. I always thought the Food Bank did a great job and my son used to volunteer there when he was in High School. A charity I highly recommend supporting if you are looking for one to help.

I also met with some folks with the American Heart Association and saw a number of their plans and strategies going forward. Seems like they are in good hands!

One thing the Santa Rosa Chamber did recently is declare my old friend Anthy O'Brien its member of the quarter! Anthy is CEO at Top Speed Data Networking and a great person. If you have telecommuncations needs, I would suggest giving her a call!

I am off to a Grape Growers show in Napa today. Have a great week. Tomorrow, I will be posting about the visioning process in the 2001 Business Plan.


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