Sonoma County News and Notes

I have been putting this out for a few weeks now and have decided that this is the point to talk about what I am doing now. My plan for this slot in my blogging calendar longer term is to speak to some local business owners and introduce them to you through this platform.  If you want to be interviewed here just let me know!  I am being my own guinea pig in this process and would love feedback on this (and anything else). Question: What made you become a Business Coach? Answer: Well, it seems like a good fit for what I am good at. I have navigated my way through some tough challenges in organizations. For example when I joined Red Condor, they were 6 weeks away from effectively being bankrupt. I hope that I helped folks there through the transition and provided a simple path forward to grow the business once we reached stability.  That kind of experience is why I think I can be a Business Coach. I have seen the best and worst of what can happen and I help others through their challenges.

Question: What made you join FocalPoint? Answer: I liked the content and relationship with Brian Tracy. I could develop a plan on my own for people, but those who know me well know that I don't feel that I am the only person with the answers. The content that was created out of Brian Tracy's work for FocalPoint has been proven in 1,000s of organizations. Why would I think I am smarter than that? On top of that, we have an ongoing relationship with Brian. This means we can bring updated thoughts to our clients before anyone else. I also have a team of other coaches that I can work with.

Question: What do the other coaches bring to the table? Answer: There is a wealth of experience in different industries. I can find a coach who is an expert in just about any field and help with any specific technical issue in my client's business. On top of that, coaches have produced other services that I can offer my Clients.

Question: What other services are there? Answer: Through FocalPoint at the moment there are 3 other services that I can offer. These are: - FocalPoint Assessments: We use the DISC Behavioral tools to help people this includes Career and Sales Skills, 360s, and single and team behavior assessments. - FocalPoint Reach: This is a web marketing arm that goes beyond the implementation of your web presence to focus on your branding. - FocalPoint Finance: This is a set of specialty accounting services like valuations, benchmarking, and cost reductions that you may not be able to afford from your accounting firm.

Question: Anything else? Answer: I do workshops and seminars for folks and am submitting some to the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce for next year's schedule. I am also a Brian Tracy Sales Trainer and offer 1 day Sales Training workshops.

Question: Why "We focus on your business"? Answer: It all means something. We - because the owner and I are partners in growing his or her business. Focus - because clarity and focus are required to make a business great. On - Because we are working ON your business not IN your business. Your Business - because that is what this is about, and a great business can change your life.

So, expect this kind of format from other businesses in Sonoma County. The early bird pricing on my Sales Training in January is running out soon. There is a link at the bottom to sign up today. Thanks for reading!

Jim Sackman

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