Sonoma County News and Notes

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It is a family time of year and I hope you are with your and yours. I know next week will be extremely busy for me and I am planning to spend a bit of extra time with my son. Before I get to the meat of today's posting I wanted to remind everyone that the Early Bird Pricing for the Sales Training Event I am holding at the Doubletree at the end of January ends soon. Buying now saves money! This will be a great way to make sure you will make quote in 2014.  Just follow the link:

Earlier this week I got a chance to speak to Eric Imbuelten of A.E.I. Financial. He is a great resource for those going into those unsure times of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare). He is also someone you might want to chat with about retirement planning. He lives and works here in Rincon Valley. I wanted to learn more about his business and share it with you!  You can also learn about his business at

Question: Why are you a Health Certified Insurance Agent and Financial Planner? Answer: I am a financial planner with over 15 years of experience including 13 years of Medicare and Health Insurance experience for individuals and small groups. I feel that health is the first step toward wealth and is foundational to being a contributing individual. Sonoma County residents have to at least recognize and educate themselves on what financial well-being means.

Question: What are the common issues that your clients face? Answer: Understanding how their health coverage works and finding alternatives that are affordable.

Question: What is the advantage of working with an independent advisor over using a larger corporate entity? Answer: The advantage of working with A.E.I. Financial as your independent advisory is that you get personalized attention and a trust-based relationship with a local professional who cares about clients.

Question: If you had one piece of advice that you could give people about planning for retirement what would it be? Answer: Start saving early as soon as you have an income and save 10% of your income.

Question: I know you have a business in Personal and Small Group Health Insurance. What is the most important aspect of the Affordable Care Act? Answer: The most important aspect of the Affordable Care Act is that every person needs to have health coverage by January 1st, 2014 or pay a tax penalty of 1% of their gross income.

Question: What do you like about living and doing business in Sonoma County? Answer: I really enjoy living and doing business in Sonoma County, because we have beautiful surroundings, friendly people, and lots of business opportunities to be of service to our community.

I want to thank Eric for his time and be sure to out A.E.I Financial!  On Friday, I will summarize where we were in the Access Space in June 2003.  I suspect that most of you will be recovering from Turkey overload.  On Monday, we enter the last 18 months of AFC as we talk about the BPON RFP.

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