Sonoma County News and Notes

Last night I went to the Santa Rosa Connections event. It was the one year anniversary of their first get together. I spoke to Bob Duffield at a recent Santa Rosa Chamber mixer and he told me that they had 1,800 members. I think it is very cool that they have pulled off such a group in a short period of time. They had 11 sponsors last night and I know they could have had more. Seemed like well over 100 folks were out on a Tuesday night! And I did win a door prize which was a laptop (which I will give to my son). Thanks to Philip Walker of Re-E-Use Recycling!

This is a big networking time of year and I will also be going to the Chamber Mixer on Thursday and the Partner 4 Leads mixer next week. I hope to see many of you there. When we do meet, I will ask you two questions (so be ready):
- Do you have a written 2014 plan?
- Are you working between Christmas and New Year’s Day?

In the former case, you should if you don't already. In the latter case, you shouldn't be unless you are in retail. Remember Work - Life Balance folks. And if you MUST work then for your business, then please contact me so this can be the last year that you have to. Also recall, that I have an upcoming Sales Training event at the DoubleTree at the end of January. Early Bird pricing ends soon. This is a one day intense session to help build your Sales Skills. Brian Tracy presents most of the content, so you can be assured that a master salesman like Brian will help you. If you are interested, just let me know or follow the link at the bottom of this post.

One thing that I found fascinating is that one of my most popular blog posts was the one about my trip to the Graton Casino. Just to be clear, I don't write things just for me. I write them for you as well. So if there are topics or businesses that you want me to write about also let me know. It takes me a couple of hours to produce each one of these. I know I am shockingly slow at this but I have to think about what I want to say. It only makes a difference if you care about what I write about. To date, I have avoided writing technical things about Telecom. If you guys want me to write about Net Neutrality or other topics that I have lobbied the Federal Government about. Again, just let me know.

So, why do I bring this last bit up? If you click through from a website to my blog posts, I can track through Wordpress where you came from. Yesterday, one of my click throughs came from an opinion site about what is going on in the Internet. In this case, it was from a post that had so many technical errors that it really bothered me. I am greatly unhappy if that is the kind of information that people are reading to form opinions. I know when I have spoken publicly on topics of Freedom in Networking and the role of the Government in Networking that these topics were both well attended and I had LOTS of questions.

Finally, the Sale of Tellabs to Marlin in a Private Equity Deal closed today. Boy that was fast. I thought there was a 1 quarter minimum timeframe in that type of tender offer and that it would require a Tellabs shareholder vote. But then I did some research and found that if the majority of shareholders took the tender than they were voting with their stock. It is a very interesting process

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