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As we come to the end of December, I want to remind you that my Sales Success Intensity Training is at the end of January. Early Bird pricing is coming to an end soon and the time to take advantage of the $100 off is coming to an end. To learn more or register for this training, follow this link:

Today I want to spotlight another local Sonoma County Business. I recently spoke to Craig Gaylord of Sonoma Tech Support. Craig provides IT support for home users and small businesses in the North Bay. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and you can learn more about his services at

Question: Craig, How did you get started in Tech Support?
Answer: I was doing this for all my friends for free. Somebody said, "Hey you really like technology. You should do this as a job." And that is what I decided to do.

Question: So you went into Business for yourself right then?
Answer: No, first I got into working for others. First, I contracted and then became a full time employee in desktop support. I started before the tech bubble and have been in the industry since then.

Question: You have been at this awhile then?
Answer: About 17 years total and the last 6 of them working for myself. I had a former colleague that started his own business earlier and he told me that I should go into my own business. I started in 2007.

Question: Pretty bad timing right?
Answer: The economy was awful but I was able to make my own business even then. It helped that I had a friend mentor me around many pitfalls. I wish I had had access to a Business Coach!

Question: What separates you from your competitors?
Answer: There are two aspects. First, I am a people person and able to put non-techies at ease while I explain to them what is going on. Second, I work on all kinds of devices from Phones, Tablets, Desktops, even servers or networks. As I like to say, "We make Techology work!"

Question: Can you describe to me your typical client?
Answer: Every one is unique but the bulk of what I do is for either home users or small businesses. Once a company gets more than 20 employees, they will have a dedicated resource. Larger firms like that might use me in a pinch, but I mostly work with smaller companies.

Question: Is there anything specific that people should know about?
Answer: Right now a lot of what I am doing is migrating people off of Windows XP. Early in 2014, Windows XP will stop receiving updates. That means that users will become more vulnerable to hackers. I am helping people move from Windows XP normally to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Some want me to move them to a Mac and that is not a problem either.

So, if you know someone with broken Technology Craig is a great place to start. Just go to his website and all his contact, services and rates are there. I moved this post to Thursday since the next two Wednesdays are Holidays. I am playing with most posting calendar a lot. I am at the end of AFC as a standalone company, but want to talk about some parts of what happened post-merger. I will break up things a bit more once all of that is done combining specific events with coaching material. These may or may not be AFC related. Also, I want to pull forth some elements of personal finance as I see that as an issue for younger folks. So, stay tuned.

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