Sonoma County News and Notes

Want to start off with a gentle reminder to think about coming to my Time Management Workshop. Tickets are limited and I will be providing lunch from Chef Chris. This one hour workshop can help you get time back every day. I am expecting to do more of these and if you have a topic that you want at one of these in the future let me know.

I want to talk a bit about our weather. We are in the middle of a bad drought. I am sure we will have impacts from this on our home lives. But as a Business Coach, I want to talk about the potential economic impact on Sonoma County and the North Bay. I saw an article recently in the North Bay Business Journal that Wine has a $13B impact on the Sonoma County Economy. There is another article that pegs the impact on Napa County as the same. These are huge numbers and there are thousands of jobs that are connected to the Wine Business.

I have talked a bit about a monoculture economy. We live in what is essentially a cash crop export economy. On top of that our tourism business is dependent on the Wineries.

There is nothing we can do to impact what can happen this year except save water as much that we can. That is about all we can do. In the long term, we need to help provide more diversity in our economy. We have had some success in the Food Manufacturing Industry, Breweries, and Distilleries. Unfortunately, all of these industries use a lot of water. We need to start looking at businesses are different and are environmentally sustainable in our locality.

The question is where do we take action as a group like this? Maybe the Sonoma County EDB. But each of us needs to think about our impact here and what we might be able to do about this. I am not trying to denigrate those things that we do well, but having a broader economy will serve us all.

I have posted about 2 issues in our local economy. I don't think we are in trouble but I do think we have a note of caution. If I add to it that our local telecom firms are strugggling a bit. Other local firms are doing very well and I am still optimistic about what we will end up with this year!

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