Edgewave: "Email Encryption"

Yesterday I ended with a fateful call about the new products that we were making. I want to explore the immediate aftermath of that call. To do so, I need to back up a second and make sure that the environment is understood.

Edgewave is headquartered in San Diego. The primary product line that is currently being sold out of that location is called iPrism. iPrism is a Web Filter and is deployed as an appliance solution to Small Businesses and Governmental Institutions. The primary overlap between what Red Condor had (named ePrism by Edgewave) is in the small business market.

Since there was essentially no overlap, there was actually a minimal amount of communications. The biggest part of information flow was in Customer Service and Security Operations. Edgewave combined the two organizations, and they are successfully combined today. Outside of that, I was in (mostly by video) an Executive Staff Meeting once a week. That was about it, beyond my sending in weekly status updates.

So, I can tell you that I was completely surprised by this call. I was told 3 things: Messaging was the future direction; We had new products that we were introducing on specific dates; and We were telling the Sales Force about them in 2 weeks. I can tell you my jaw basically dropped and it took me a moment to recover.

So from what I thought was a shutdown in February, we were the spotlight in July. The worst part was this new product called "Email Encryption". This was one of the products we talked about in May, but we had no inkling that anybody wanted us to do such a thing. We had commitments to deliver products that we had already agreed to. On top of that, we had spent no time on either Product Requirements or Product Architecture outside that brainstorming session. I also was given an end date for the product. So, I had the triple bogey: A product that was unscheduled, that I didn't know what it did, nor did I know how to make it. It was due according to this call in October 2011.

My reply was that given those facts on the ground I did not see how to get to October but it was not impossible to get something before the end of the year. The call ended and I got to work with the team in Rohnert Park talking about what we could make and how we could make it.

Well, this little tale continues later this week. Tomorrow, I talk about Enphases results and a bit about the Gavin Newsom visit to the Santa Rosa Chamber this morning.

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