Sales for the Non-Sales Person


If you have read my blog articles carefully, you will note that I am part of Focal Point Business Coaching. Focal Point was founded by and is based on the work of Brian Tracy. Brian is a well known author, lecturer, and consultant. He is an expert in Sales on top of everything else.

I bring this up as one of the things that I do is Sales Training. I had a palpable negative response to Sales and Sales Training from two people I talked to this week and I thought it would be good to clear up some things about Sales. I also want to set some groundwork for the Non-Sales Person who reacts this negatively to Sales. Sales is not about selling with hard closes and pressure tactics. Sales is about matching customer needs with your products and services. I know people who think of all Salespeople as the stereotypical Used Car Sales Person..."What's it going to take for me to put you in this beauty today?" There are still places where these tactics are used. Buyers don't like those tactics and avoid dealing with people that use them.

Now the reality is that nothing in a company happens until a Sale is made. Sales drives the processes within all companies. What that means is that Sales and Sales Processes are some of the most studied elements in business. One thing that comes through all the time is that it is much more expensive to convert a new prospect to a customer than it is to get repeat business from an existing customer. What does this mean? Those high pressure tactics might land one deal, but is very unlikely to create bad feelings and kill repeat business. If you are a business owner, is that kind of Sales Person worth it? Could a different type of approach worked just as well? In these days of Yelp and other on-line reviews, do you want prospects reading notes about those kind of Sales People?

If that is not a great Sales Process or good Sales, then what is? Again, it is back to matching customer needs to what you have as Products and Services. I spoke to one person this week who told me that she failed at Sales because she would not sell unwanted or unneeded goods. I told her that she was wrong! That her style was the definition of successful Sales. As a Sales Trainer, I ask people about Conversion Rate or the percentage of Prospects that become Customers. Nobody has a 100% Conversion Rate. There are both good reasons and bad reasons for that.

And all of this is the point of Sales Training. We build up people's skills to improve their Conversion Rate at all points in the Sales Process. That all starts with the identification of an Ideal Prospect. An Ideal Prospect who is someone who is willing to buy, can afford to buy and has a need for your products and services. If this type of approach makes sense to you, then give me a call. I have programs to help people improve their Sales experience whether they are a veteran and need a tune up or are new to Sales and need help with the entire process.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Jim Sackman
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