Sonoma County: News and Notes

I hope everyone in Sonoma County voted in the primary yesterday. Voting is one of our rights and privileges as a citizen. I remember when I was a kid my first brush with politics in New York. Our local State Assemblyman was named Bobby D'Andrea. He came to some of our local gatherings for farmers. For those who don't know, I grew up on a dairy farm near Saratoga Springs. Well, Bobby would speak to the crowd. I am not sure that he ever got the hang of talking to farmers. He certainly did not speak their language. Most of the older ones just shook their heads and chuckled. But I am pretty sure they would have done that with just about anyone. I want to remind everyone about my Webinar for June 26th at 9AM. This webinar is titled "Marketing in the Digital Age" and is for those who want to have some practical understanding of how to use all the new tools that are available to us via the Internet. If you follow this LINK, you will be able to register for it. The event is free and even if you can not attend I will forward out a copy of the recorded webinar to those that signed up. The point of the webinar will be to think about all those wonderful new Marketing Tools and think about them in English. My goal is to allow you to think critically about how and why you spend resources on Digital Marketing.

I also want to remind folks about an upcoming Block Party in Skyhawk that is being sponsored by Skyhawk Living Magazine. This event will be held on Saturday June 7th from 2 - 6 pm at Skyhawk Playground Park at Mountain Hawk & San Ramon. If you are in the area, it will be worth checking out. There will be fun, games and a wonderful business coach providing food from Chef Chris. Stop by and say hi!

It will officially be summer later this month, but schools are winding down already. Time to spend some vacation time with the kids. In business this is a time to regroup your efforts. Take stock of where you are against your annual plan. Lots of customers will be gone for 1 - 2 weeks at a time. So please take the time to pick your head up from the grindstone and see where you are. If you need help with that, just give me a call!

Okay, one last item. With the conclusion of my historical perspectives and lessons, I am adjusting my editorial calendar. Mondays will be dedicated to General Business Topics. If you have any requests, just drop me a line. Wednesdays are focused on Sonoma County issues. Fridays will be a mix between personal finance and telecom. I see so much that people don't understand about Net Neutrality, that I feel obliged to talk about it.

Have a great rest of your week!

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