Sonoma County: News and Notes

I want to remind everyone about my Webinar for June 26th at 9AM. This webinar is titled "Marketing in the Digital Age" and is for those who want to have some practical understanding of how to use all the new tools that are available to us via the Internet. If you follow this LINK, you will be able to register for it. The event is free and even if you can not attend I will forward out a copy of the recorded webinar to those that signed up. The point of the webinar will be to think about all those wonderful new Marketing Tools and think about them in English. My goal is to allow you to think critically about how and why you spend resources on Digital Marketing.

I also want to thank everyone that came out last Saturday for the Block Party in Skyhawk that was sponsored by Skyhawk Living Magazine. There was a very good turnout and I met many folks. I had an article in the June Magazine and many of the residents had read the article and recognized me. Seems that the residents appreciate and read the magazine!

This week I wanted to brief everyone on one of my networking groups - Best Networkers in Town (BNIT). BNIT is one of the many BNI chapters in Santa Rosa. BNI itself is a global organization with 150,000 members. BNI is a 1 profession per chapter organization, which means that each chapter member locks out its direct competitors from joining. The goal of membership is to build relationships with the other chapter members and teach them a bit about what you do. Members can then help introduce you to clients that might need your services. BNI is a great way to build your network by meeting other business owners. You can learn a lot about referral marketing and grow your business.

If you want to learn more about BNIT, just let me know. We meet on Friday mornings @ 7AM @ Legends at the Bennett Valley Golf Course. We will buy you breakfast and you can see what a BNI meeting is like.

Have a great week!

Jim Sackman
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