Planning a New Business - Where to Find Customers

There is an old adage: Why do they rob Banks? The reason is that is where the money is! Which is why we start with customers. Why do we talk about customers first? The reason is that they pay all the bills!

So now comes the next problem. I posted last week about the Ideal Client. I want to improve on the definition from last week. The Ideal Client has the following characteristics:

- Is Interested in Your Products or Services
- Is Capable of Buying Your Products or Services
- Is Interested in Your Unique Selling Proposition

The more tightly that this can be defined the better off you will be. The reason is very simple. You have to attract customers. The better that you can define the best possible customers for you the more you will know about them. One important aspect of that is that you will then know how to reach your customers with your marketing message.

No matter how you do it, you are going to spend resources on marketing your products and services. This blog is a marketing exercise for me. The upside for me is that I get an opportunity to send a message broadly for free. On top of that, I can send out that message as often as I want.There are two primary downsides. I can't target this message to my intended audience very well. Also, I can't know if folks are reading it that I want to read it.

Time and money are both resources in marketing and many times different channels cost more in one or the other. They also may generate leads at different quality levels and in different timeframes from the start of a campaign. Those are all factors in choosing how you spend your resources, but in the end you have to spend them. The question is how are you going to spend the resources efficiently?

If we go back to your Ideal Client, you need to examine where they spend their time getting information. Advertising directly or indirectly to anyone is intended to reach a part of your market with your message. The best you can do is maximize the resources to reach your Ideal Client. So, if your market is Senior Citizens then Pinterest is not a good channel. If you are trying to reach 20 year olds, the local newspaper is a bad bet. Different Ideal Clients mean different channels.

I want to take one step back for a second. You will have customers that are not Ideal Clients. That is just fine. It happens to everyone. Just don't spend a lot of time and money trying to land those customers.

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