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I want to remind everyone about my Webinar for June 26th at 9AM. This webinar is titled "Marketing in the Digital Age". The event is free and even if you can not attend I will forward out a copy of the recorded webinar to those that signed up. Feel free to forward this blog post as an open invitation to anyone that you think might benefit from it. LinkedIn has a glitch today with hyperlinks today so I am posting all click through links at the bottom just above my signature.

The second thing I want to post about today is the start of a Series Google Hangouts called Profit Levers being delivered by Brian Tracy. Some of you may know that Brian is the founder of Focal Point. He is also an author and lecturer on topics of Business and Personal Achievement. The first of the series is called "How to Find More Customers" and the link to the event registration is below. This event is free as well and I will be listening to it on June 25th from 10:30 to noon.

Today, I want to circle back to one of the issues in our local economy that I talked about earlier this year. Water is the lifeblood of not just the people of Sonoma County, but its business as well. Vineyards, Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and Food Manufacturers depend on water to be able to exist. Taken together these represent a huge percentage of Sonoma County's Economy. Add in the Hospitality that derives from these businesses as well.

I want you to think critically about this and know that Napa is far ahead of us in this regard. We are in danger of becoming monolithic as an economy. I know everyone does not work in the wine business. But I want you to think about what would happen if it goes away. On top of that, we are essentially a cash crop export economy. When you want an example of this in American History, just go back to antebellum Deep South. Something to think about.

Now back to my concern of being monolithic. I grew up outside a small mill town in Upstate New York called Schuylerville. None of you have heard of it, but it is the place the General Burgoyne surrendered after the Battles of Saratoga in the American Revolution. The local economy was based primarily around farming (mostly Dairy) and mills (mostly paper). In the 70s, New York changed some regulations and within a few years the mills disappeared.

Many of the folks that I knew lost their jobs and the local economy went into free fall. A New York Times Author (James Howard Kunstler) wrote a piece about the town called "Schuylerville Stands Still". I have seen the results of an economy gone bad, and I think we all need to be thoughtful about this. Folks taking advantage of our local climate and natural beauty to build a living is a good thing. But I think we a mix of businesses to make our community work.

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