Planning a New Business - Branding

One of the larger conversations that happens when we talk about companies is the Brand associated with the company. Branding is an interesting topic. Marketing people are bent on the creation of a premium Brand. The challenge is that they can't do it on their own, even though they think they can.

Most people inherently understand what a Brand is when someone invokes the name of a premium Brand like Coca-Cola. The thing is that most people then associate it further with some catch phrase or tag line. The reality is that it is not that at all. What happens is that a premium Brand gets associated with a memory of some sort. That memory might be a feeling or an emotion or a place or a time.

When you are starting a new business, you simply don't have a premium Brand. On top of that, no money you spend of marketing will provide you with one. Premium Brands are crafted over time. You can't start out with one.

What you can do is start down the path of creating a Brand that people recognize. There are lots of ways to do that, but the first step is to think about what your Brand will be. This is very close to a Mission Statement or a Vision Statement. The thing I want you to change is perspective. Think of Brand as your Mission in the eyes of your customer. This is very much the start of the Sales Process.

Wait, hold on Branding is part of Sales? Well, yes. What I am asking you to do is think about a few items and juggle them in your head. These items are:

- Your Ideal Client
- Your Products and Services
- Your Unique Selling Proposition

Now as you mull those items over, you need to think about it in terms of your Ideal Client. What about you and the way you bring your services to your Ideal Client makes you the best choice for them. Let me use myself as an example. My tag line is quite simple: "Change Your Business - Change Your Life!" It tells my Ideal Client that I am an agent of Change. If somebody is completely happy with what they are doing and the trajectory they are on, then the probably are not going to hire me. But I want to point out the juxtaposition of Business and Life. That is the point to my Ideal Client. They are in Business for a reason. That reason lies outside their Business and my goal is to make their Business help them to meeting their Life Goal.

I use my branding message in all my communications. But the reality is unless I deliver to the promise of my Brand then it means nothing. Premium Brands have delivered on their great messages over time. Start with getting your Brand started!

Jim Sackman
Focal Point Business Coaching
Change Your Business - Change Your Life!
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