Sonoma County: News and Notes

I want to remind everyone about my Webinar for June 26th at 9AM. This webinar is titled "Marketing in the Digital Age". The event is free and even if you can not attend I will forward out a copy of the recorded webinar to those that signed up. Feel free to forward this blog post as an open invitation to anyone that you think might benefit from it.

The second thing I want to remind you about today is the start of a Series Google Hangouts called Profit Levers being delivered by Brian Tracy. Some of you may know that Brian is the founder of Focal Point. He is also an author and lecturer on topics of Business and Personal Achievement. The first of the series is called "How to Find More Customers" and the link to the event registration is above. This event is free as well and I will be listening to it on June 25th from 10:30 to noon.

Monday's post that was about branding got a lot of folks reading it and liking it. I thought I would put that in context for us locally. The way I would like folks to think about it is the comparison between Sonoma County and Napa County in terms of national and international image. I live in Santa Rosa. Lots of people I talk to outside the area do not know where that is. I tell them, "North of San Francisco in the Wine Country." Many people then ask, "So you are in Napa?" I don't think that I can describe branding any better. People know about premium California Wines and immediately associate them with Napa. The folks in Napa County spend a lot of time and money to make sure that this is the way things are viewed. In Sonoma County, we have not spent the 20 years or all of the effort required to match Napa. Of course my answer to folks who ask if I live in Napa is, "No. Sonoma is for wine. Napa is for Auto Parts."

Finally, I have a request. I am looking for a good contact with someone involved with Go Local! I want to understand the group a bit better and feel like it would be good to speak someone first. So please forward me a good contact. Thanks in advance!

Have a great week.

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