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I want to thank those who came to my Webinar for "Marketing in the Digital Age". The link in the Webinar title will lead you to a recording for your playback at your leisure. I want to announce my next Webinar, "Sales for the Non-Sales Person". Click HERE to register for this event. This Webinar is designed for the person who doesn't do Sales full time or those that think that they don't do Sales at all. I have met many Small Business Owners who claim that they don't do Sales. When I talk to them, I point out their Sales process. This can lead to poor Sales performance and a lot of missed opportunities. You don't have to be a Used Car Salesman to be an effective Salesperson. In fact, Selling with that stereotype in mind is a great way to lose Sales in droves. I hope to provide folks nuggets on understanding their Sales process and the toughest elements within the process.

We are approaching the 4th of July and I thought that this Holiday should be the focus for this post. I come from a hometown with huge significance in the American Revolution. Schuylerville, NY was the site of the surrender of the English Army under General Burgoyne after the Battles of Saratoga. My dad used to be a docent at the Saratoga National Historical Park. I worked there as a member of the Youth Conservation Corps after my parents sold our farm.

The American Revolution might lend us some thoughts for us on a personal level and as a citizen. But since I am a Business Coach, I like to think of what we might learn for our businesses. The Declaration of Independence is the document we celebrate on the 4th. What we normally quote to each other is the pre-amble. But I think the entire document is worthy of note. If you haven't done so recently, I would suggest reading it again.

What I learn from the Declaration is that the Visionary Statement of Purpose is a powerful thing. I was asked this week about how I run a visioning exercise with a business owner. That is a tough topic as each person is unique. But the Declaration is a great place to start. We know how things turned out now, but think about how things looked then. A relatively small group of people with virtually no resources were telling the world what was wrong and set a standard for how things should be.

In your business, this visioning process is part of any business plan. You can make anything if you really want to. If you don't have a vision then you won't know where you are going to end up. You need to release your mind and think about what you want. Then a plan can be made on how to get there. Most people self-limit and don't ever reach that vision. But one group in 1776, did make it.

Have a great 4th of July.

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