Sonoma County: News and Notes

I want to remind folks about my next Webinar, "Sales for the Non-Sales Person". Click HERE to register for this event. This Webinar is designed for the person who doesn't do Sales full time or those that think that they don't do Sales at all. I have met many Small Business Owners who claim that they don't do Sales. When I talk to them, I point out their Sales process. This can lead to poor Sales performance and a lot of missed opportunities. If you register for the event, I will be sending out a 20% off E-Coupon for a Sales Mentoring Program. The Coupons are transferrable so you will be able to share the cost savings with someone else!

We are now just past the 1/2 way point of the year. Things seem to be going forward in a positive manner in the economy but we are clearly not in a boom. There are pockets of both good news and bad news. Sonoma County is facing this in about the same manner is the rest of the country.

The want to remind everyone that even in a moderate economy the US economy is HUGE. We have a GDP of about $17T (yes Trillion) annually. None of us need a huge fraction of that to make our businesses grow and mature. This is a great point in the year to go back to our annual plans and review what we are doing. This makes two assumptions: You have an Annual Plan and You have SMART Goals to review. If you don't have either of those items, you can contact me to help you get set up with them.

Later this month, the Sonoma County Fair will be rolling in. Now you are probably asking what Cotton Candy and Horse Racing has to do with business. Well, remember there are a lot of businesses there in the various pavilions. This is a great way to connect with folks outside a purely business setting. The first part of any Sale is to build rapport with a potential client. Sometimes a more fun venue can be just the way to introduce yourself. That way if you call on somebody later it is a warm call...not a cold call.

When you approach somebody at the Fair that you want to become a business contact in the future, remember to use a light touch. This is about an introduction. In general, you are not trying to close business. The Fair is about fun. Just collect information. Don't even worry about setting an appointment. Just get a chance to look future partners in their eyes and shake their hands. There will be plenty of opportunity to talk shop in the future.

Have a great week!

Jim Sackman
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