Sonoma County: News and Notes

Thanks to everyone who has listened to my Webinar titled "Goals: The Foundation for Success". A link to the Youtube version of it can be found HERE. In September, I will be doing a Workshop in Partnership with N2 Publishing and Fuze (the gents behind Fuze Viewer). This workshop will be at Stout Brothers on September 24th @ 5:30PM. I will be speaking about "Integrated Marketing Plans: Your Roadmap to Attracting Customers". N2 and Fuze will be speaking as well, followed by some informal networking. Attendance is limited, so contact me @ about attending.

I have gotten some feedback asking me questions about what I say in my Quarterly Reviews of the 3 Tech Companies that I chat about. Since this News is based on Sonoma County, I am trying to stay focused on Companies Headquartered in the North Bay. Those 3 companies (Cyan, Calix, and Enphase) employ many of my friends and former co-workers. I want to see how they are doing. I would be happy to add in reviews of any public company that the audience wants. Just contact me and let me know.

But that is not the concern that folks have. They are focused on what is being perceived as negative comments. I guarantee that what I say is greatly negative compared to what is said on the Quarterly Conference Calls. Remember Quarterly Calls as Sales Calls. The Company is putting out information in a way that is intended to sell stock to investors. These calls have a language and a rhythm to them that can be understood if one listens to calls. If you are going to invest in a company, then it is important that you listen to the calls and hear what is being said.

But the reality is that the information requires interpretation and examination of the financials as they are released. That is what Analysts are supposed to do. BUT (and this is a big BUT) the folks on the call are generally what is known as "Sell Side Analysts". They are not doing deep work on any company. They do short papers on a dozen or more companies a quarter. The specific analysis is published in less than a single page. Much of it is repeated verbage from the calls. They have their role, but they are not going deep into long term investment potential for any stock.

So, I listen to the calls and read the financials. I try to provide what I think is a straight forward analysis based on those financials. I await evidence in the numbers that some initiative is doing what Management says on the call. I want to focus on balancing away from the Sales Pitch and hope to provide folks with some more grounded thoughts about the numbers. I am a Value Investor and that is what I base my thoughts on. I am not looking at whether the Stock Price is good. I want to know if the business is good. Good Business leads to a rising Stock Price in the long term. That is what I am looking for.

If you have read this far, I have one more ask. I would like to present interviews of different North Bay Businesses here when I can. If you have a business here in the North Bay or know someone who does (and they want some free PR), just send me a message. You can do that through the email at the top or through my website.

Have a great week!

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