Sonoma County: News and Notes

To start with as a reminder I am co-hosting a Workshop on "Building an Integrated Marketing Plan" with N2 Publishing and Fuze (the Fuzeviewer Team). This workshop is being held at Stout Brothers on September 24th @ 5:30PM. Expect about 1 hour of presentations followed by about an hour of networking. I have a few spots available and the event is free! If you have any interest, contact me at Now that Labor Day has passed we are working our way to the Harvest Fair. I posted some notes about the Sonoma County Fair, and for a Business you can treat the Harvest Fair the same way. You can poke around and see some folks that you may not have had a chance to catch up with. Not a place to sell, but a place to meet and remind folks that you are around. Think Visibility and Brand Building not Lead Generation or Conversion. Remember, it will be hard to talk to anyone senior at a Winery or a Vineyard much before Halloween or Thanksgiving. Time to focus in other areas.

But we are coming up on Q4. Most businesses end their year at the end of the calendar year. So it is time to think about what next year is going to be like for your business. You get a chance to choose or at least significantly influence that outcome. The right way to do that is to have a "2015 Business Plan". Larger firms will call this an "Annual Operating Plan" and its a way to create the future for yourself. You can set goals, create initiative, measure the results and adjust your course. Without a plan, you are drifting.

In order to facilitate this, I am offering an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) Workshop/Coaching Product. This is intended for businesses to create a plan for 2015. The product will be broken into 4, 60-90 minute Workshop on Vision & Clarity, Marketing & Branding, Financials and Strategic Initiatives. There will also be 2, 60 minute one on one sessions to document the AOP and a Dashboard. A Dashboard breaks the 2015 AOP into measurable objectives. Those measures allow you to understand where you are during the year against your AOP in an objective way. This way you can do more of what is working and change what isn't. The classes will be held in Santa Rosa starting on October 30th. The . The cost for this product is $900 and for more information you can contact me at


Have a great week!

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