Branding: My Next Story Arc

As I posted last week, I have wrapped up my story arc around Planning a New Business. I got that story to the point that can be managed in a blog format without getting into an individual business. That is one of the challenges with these type of posts. I need to provide information that is general enough to be valuable to many people. When I work with a business each one of these topics can lead to very deep conversations, but without a model business it is hard to create such depth. I decided the next topic to address was a Marketing Topic. Branding is a hot term and many people want to brand various things including themselves. One of the challenges is that Branding is that defining it does mean the same thing as experiencing it as a customer. Wikipedia has a nice article on "Brand" which you can find HERE.

The problem with these definitions is that they ignore what I think is the truly important part of Branding. That is the customer or prospect. Brand projection is important through all the visible mechanisms that companies and people use. The reason that this is the focus is that Brand from that perspective is under control of the source of the Brand. But the value of the Brand is only in the eyes of the customer or prospect. This means that the Marketing Department does not have control over the value of its brand. All it can do is be the fountainhead of all the tangible aspects of the Brand.

So let me step back to my 2 part Definition of Brand as we start this series of blog posts. A Brand is: - Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) - As Viewed in the Eyes of Your Customer or Prospect

This means that the value of the Brand and its essence is how it is received and not in how it is presented. Presentation is important but receipt is the fulcrum. The memory hooks that we use like Logos, Taglines and Names are all ways of reminding people of their relationship to your UVP. But it is the UVP that is most important. The goal is to link this UVP to the memory hook in such a way that the UVP is recalled even when it is unstated.

Now why is this definition of Brand so challenging? Well, that is what we are going to explore over during this series. My goal for this series is that it will provide you with thoughtful information about how to improve your Brand and make it work for you in your Business and your Life! Jim Sackman Focal Point Business Coaching Change Your Business - Change Your Life! Business Coaching, Sales Training, Web Marketing, Behavioral Assessments, Financial Analysis