Sonoma County: News and Notes

I am looking forward to my event tonight at Stout Brothers. I want to announce my next Event which is a joint Webinar with Roy Johnston of Johnston/Thomas. Roy and I will be talking about "Succession Planning: Create Your Future". The Webinar will be held on 10/28 @ 9AM and you can Register HERE! Again, this is free of charge. Succession Planning is all about "Who is Next?". If you are a Small Business Owner, why should you think about the next owner of your business. Do you want to sell it to family? How do you maximize your . If you are a Corporate Executive, do you have a plan to replace yourself so that you can reach the next stage of your career? These are typical questions in Succession. So, create your own next step - don't wait for it to be forced on you. I met with Dwayne Arakaki of Alpha Wealth Management a firm that helps people with Finanical Planning for their lives. Dwayne is also a specialist in managing 401(k)'s for businesses. We talked about that and I wanted to share a bit of that conversation.

Jim Sackman: Dwayne, what do you do for companies with 401(k)'s? Dwayne Arakaki: I help them by providing them with setting up and operating their 401(k) funds for their employees. JS: What makes you different? DA: It is all about service. I recognize that a 401(k) is not the focus of a business owner. I ensure that their employees are serviced and that the company is in compliance with all the laws. JS: Why is this important now? DA: With the improving economy, it will be harder to attract and maintain employees. I can help companies make sure that the offerings that they have are competitive. JS: That's true about hiring, what about the compliance issues. DA: We can ensure that the company is meeting the legal requirements to keep from being sued by their employees over their 401(k) programs. On top of that, we can evaluate their offerings and make sure that they are not being overcharged and have the right mix of choices. JS: This sounds like a great way to keep employees happy and the bottom line secure. DA: Yes, and we make it painless for the business owner.

So if you have a 401(k) program, I highly recommend that you contact Dwayne Arakaki of Alpha Wealth Management. He can make sure that you are doing the right things for your employees and your business!

Finally, I am offering an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) Workshop/Coaching Product. This is intended for businesses to create a plan for 2015. The product will be broken into 4, 60-90 minute Workshop on Vision & Clarity, Marketing & Branding, Financials and Strategic Initiatives. There will also be 2, 60 minute one on one sessions to document the AOP and a Dashboard. A Dashboard breaks the 2015 AOP into measurable objectives. Those measures allow you to understand where you are during the year against your AOP in an objective way. This way you can do more of what is working and change what isn't. The classes will be held in Santa Rosa starting on October 30th. You can find out more information about this Workshop HERE!

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