Sonoma County: News and Notes

I had a great time at Stout Brothers with N2 and Fuzeviewer. We had about 30 folks show up for our "Creating an Integrated Marketing Plan" Event. If you missed it but ever want to talk about your Marketing plans just let me know! I want to remind folks about my next Event which is a joint Webinar with Roy Johnston of Johnston/Thomas. Roy and I will be talking about "Succession Planning: Create Your Future". The Webinar will be held on 10/28 @ 9AM and you can Register HERE! Again, this is free of charge. Succession Planning is all about "Who is Next?". If you are a Small Business Owner, why should you think about the next owner of your business. Do you want to sell it to family? How do you maximize your . If you are a Corporate Executive, do you have a plan to replace yourself so that you can reach the next stage of your career? These are typical questions in Succession. So, create your own next step - don't wait for it to be forced on you.

This weekend is the Sonoma County Harvest Fair at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Many of the local wineries will be there and presenting some excellent Sonoma County products. If you are a business owner, then one thing you can do is check out the Marketplace at the Harvest Fair. Many businesses will have booths there. You can make initial contact with a number of potential prospects. Just be aware that they are working the event as a marketing/sales piece. So - Make the Contact; Collect the Information and; Follow Up Later. The Follow Up plan is probably the thing that most people miss. For example if you have a booth and have a give away with registration, do you contact all the non-winners? They are valid leads just like anybody else. If you don't contact them, you have wasted a valuable potential tool.

One last thing: Remember we are in the 4th Quarter. It is time to start thinking about the plan for next year. I offer a Business Planning Product which helps businesses be clear about what they are doing over the next 12 months. One of the outcomes is a dashboard that helps them measure their progress against their plan. If you want to Control Your Future, then let me know at

Have a great week and if you go to the Harvest Fair make sure you have a designated driver! Jim Sackman Focal Point Business Coaching Change Your Business - Change Your Life! Business Coaching, Sales Training, Web Marketing, Behavioral Assessments, Financial Analysis