Branding: Promotion

It's funny. I actually started this group of posts because of something that happened to me in this category. I received a ValPak. For those not familiar with this, it is a mailed group of Coupon type advertisements that come once a month or so. I opened mine up and thumbed through the pages. One of the ads struck me oddly. It was for a high end pet salon. Now, what is wrong with a Coupon here? Branding. Now, I get the idea - let's generate some new revenue. But ValPak's indicate low end commodity goods. I am not trying to demean a ValPak or their advertisers, but I would not expect a Tiffany ad in one. See the pont? I am talking about a high end pet salon. When I went to their website, they touted their experence. The text on the site leads one to understand that they are taking the maximum care of your pet.

And then they send out an ad right next to the Smog Testing companies. I hope I have pounded this in now. You need to make sure that the way you promote your products and services enhances your brand.

A great example of proper promotion comes to me via my friends at Fuzeviewer. They worked with the local BMW dealer on a promotion for a brand new BMW model. There was only going to be one made available for the dealer and they decided to sell it in an interesting way.

The dealer did a direct mailer that allowed the user to scan with the Fuzeviewer app. As part of this the user could enter a bid on the car. The car sold at list price and money above that was donated to charity. I hope you can see how this created exclusivity for the BMW dealer and brand. On top of that, service to the community was made front and center. This is just doing things the right way.

So, as you are thinking about your promotions you have go beyond just looking for where your customers are looking for your products. You need to understand each element of the promotion and see if it enhances your brand. Where is the promotion taking place? What is the Call To Action? How will existing customers react? How will new customers react?

Take a broad look at Promotions and align them with your Brand!

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