Sonoma County: News and Notes

I want to remind folks about my next Event which is a joint Webinar with Roy Johnston of Johnston/Thomas. Roy and I will be talking about "Succession Planning: Create Your Future". The Webinar will be held on 10/28 @ 9AM and you can Register HERE! Again, this is free of charge. Succession Planning is all about "Who is Next?". If you register and are unable to attend, you will get a copy of the Webinar sent to you. I recently spoke to Sherrie Blondin of Sherrie Blondin Photography. Sherrie comes out of the Film, Modeling, and Art Businesses and has a unique take on Photography. Here are some highlights from our discussion.

Jim Sackman: Sherrie, there are many Photographers that people can choose from. Why are you special? Sherrie Blondin: I think the best way to say it is that I am bringing a fashion flair to the warmer feel of the Sonoma County. I moved here from Los Angelos and just love it here. JS: How does that flair change what your customers get? SB: I like to think it gives them a differentiated image. I find that I can add a quality to the work that clients find appealing. I try to bring out what I see in them. JS: So I can see how people would like that. What kind of people are your clients? SB: Well, I do shots for individuals and families mostly. Additionally, I have been doing Weddings for many years. Recently, I have expanded into working to help Branding with companies. JS: How do you work on Branding? SB: I work with the rest of their Marketing Team to understand the company. Then, I take shots of the Staff, Products and Locations. I do so with the flair that I apply to Individuals or Weddings. This can help give a company a unique image. JS: Have you worked with any celebrities? SB: Locally - the most well known one is Guy Fieri. I did some work for him. It helped create the image of him that you see today. JS: Maybe you can do that for me! SB: Well maybe (smiles), but I am not sure you are a lot like him!

It was great to talk with Sherrie and I think that you should chat with Sherrie the next time you need a Photographer. You can contact her at (707)595-0728.

I have a couple of local Tech Company notes this week. Cyan recently announced that they are able to support some Cisco and Juniper products. This is good news for Cyan, but they have not announced any customers for that functionality. Enphase announced a new "AC Battery" product. I think this means that they are building modular UPS type systems for users of their systems.

As we are into Q4, I want to make sure that people have thought about an Annual Operating Plan for their Business. Unlike a larger Business Plan, an Annual Plan provides very specific ideas of what will make your business work over the next 12 months. If you are interested in such a plan and don't know where to start, contact me at A properly executed plan will more than pay for itself! -If you want to understand the service better, then click HERE!

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