Sonoma County: News and Notes

This message is a simple Holiday Greeting and some thoughts along all the paths that I post about. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year I wish well for you and yours. This is a time of year for family and friends. That is important to all of us. That leads me to the important part of this message. As it says at the bottom of every one of my posts, I am a Business Coach. Business is often viewed as a cold thing. A Battle. Technical. But every Business is really about people. Those people are everywhere. Owners. Customers. Vendors. Employees. Managers.

People are the most important thing inside and outside any Business. The growth and future of any Business is the value of its people. It is important to invest in them to make your Business grow. But that is just the start of it. People are just human. They have strengths and weaknesses. We need to understand the human part of the business. I have seen many leaders treat people as a homogeneous group of resources when it is clear that they are not.

Over the Holidays, you will see your family and friends. You know each of them and the differences that they have. The same is true for the people in and around their Business. This is the problem in Business. Each system that you set up has to be fair and have equality. But the systems have to have flexibility to deal with individual differences.

I have had many HR people give me "Review Writing" Tools. These tools chose words to put into reviews so that I didn't have to do so myself. I ignored all these tools when I wrote reviews. I wrote every review that I gave myself. I entered every word on my own. I wanted to be sure that each person got the best information about their performance. I considered it one of the most important parts of my job as a leader. If I don't give people feedback on a regular basis, then how can I expect them to get better. It also gave me an opportunity to talk to people about what they want in the future. If I can be honest with them about what I see, then they will be honest with me about what they want. It helped me know who I could provide a good path for. Also, who I could not and were likely to leave in the future.

So while you are spending time with your friends and family take time to consider the people in your Business. And have a great Holiday. Next Post will be on 1/5. Jim Sackman Focal Point Business Coaching Change Your Business - Change Your Life! Business Coaching, Sales Training, Marketing Consultant, Behavioral Assessments, Business Planning