Sonoma County: News and Notes

We are now firmly into 2015 and I and the networking events scene is kicking into high gear. Tomorrow is a mixer for the Santa Rosa Chamber at Keysight. Next week on the 27th there is a mixer for the Professional Services Marketing Group (PSMG) at Stout Brothers. The Black Chamber is hosting a Black History Celebration at Spreckles on February 7th. Check these events out!

But I want to focus today on one networking group that I belong to in particular and that is Business Networking International (BNI). This is a Global Organization of about 150,000 members. This group targets one thing - marketing via Referrals. BNI is a one person per profession type of group. That makes it different than a Chamber or a Rotary group. Those groups are open to all professions and you can find multiple competitors at the group. In a BNI group, you will lock out competitors from joining your group. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of group.

The advantage of a group like BNI is that you get to build a relationship by meeting other professionals. Not a once a month social meeting, but a once a week meeting where you get to talk about your business and listen to others talk about theirs. You can meet people more often to help give them even more information. The idea is that they become a virtual Sales Team for you. Once they have a good view of your business they can tell people they know about you. The more they know about you and the better job you do for their referrals the more they are likely to refer you again.

There is an axiom that people know 250 people. If you join a group with say 30 other professionals, then you have a chance that you can market to 7,500 people by referral. That number of people should be a good percentage of most businesses.

Which brings me to my request to you. I belong to a BNI group called the Best Networkers In Town (BNIT). We meet at Legends at the Bennett Valley Golf Course at 7AM on Fridays. If you would be interested in meeting us or learning more, come visit us any week that you want. You can find a list of our members HERE! I hope you take this opportunity and join us.

Have a great week!

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