Leadership in a New Situation: Dealing with Compliance

Last week I talked about trying recruit a person that is a detractor about the changes that you are trying to make. This week I want to talk about Compliance and Commitment. The two terms here refer to people and the level at which they view their obligations on a job. People in Compliance will do what is asked. They will perform their work as best they can. Another way to say it is that they will give it a "Good Old College Try". Commitment is a different level all together. A person that is Committed will find a way through. As a Leader, you want to move people into Commitment with your plans and your Leadership.

As you came into this new group, you are not likely to have Commitment from anyone. You may not even have Compliance from some people. That is the entire point of the early win. You need to get as many people as you can into Compliance and perhaps some into Commitment. By focusing on someone that is far from Commitment and changing their view, you have provided a model for others. This is a good start.

So what do you do now? Keep a level of focus. You will never please everyone. You are not likely to get everyone to Commitment. But that will be your goal. Some people will move in and out of Commitment. That is all very natural. The best way to keep people moving with you is to keep moving and focusing on things that are important. In Sales, this is a technique called "Land and Expand". In Leadership, now that you have conquered the first thing. Now you need to build a bigger list of things to work on. This list will have items that will take longer to fix. Your list will now have things from your peers and your subordinates. But you need to keep your active list small 3 - 5 items.

With that list you make your plans and put measurements in place. Then you can create a Dashboard that measures progress against your goals. To have a formal set of measurements and a way to report against them, allows people to actively see what you are doing. This will open your plans and results to judgement by those around you. Focus will help those understand what you are doing. As you pay attention to something, those around you will as well. But it will also open you up to criticism. You have to be strong and allow those around to see your weaknesses as well as your strengths. As you deal with your weaknesses, you will model behavior for those around you to follow.

And discussing weaknesses is where I will go next.

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