Leadership in a New Situation: Wrapping Up

So, it is time to move onto the next story arc. For those new to my blog, you will find that I write in a series of story arcs. Each arc is similar to a chapter in a book. Each post is a page in that Chapter but works in a standalone manner. I do this to simplify the planning of Blog Posts and to provide you content that follows a thread. So, I have talked about what I do when I join a New Situation. This can be a job at a new company or a new job at a current employer. In any case, you upset any existing status quo and have to build bridges and support. We have walked through the various groups (Boss, Peers, Subordinates) and seen ways that you need to think about them. All of this is about establishing rapport and trust so that you can build the kind of relationships that you will need to be successful. You need to keep in mind the agenda that you have and how it might impact others. You need to create a Sales Plan on your agenda so that those around you buy into it. Importantly, you need to communicate Goals and progress against the Goals to ensure that you get support.

Now comes the part that is hard and every bit is challenging as any other bit. You need to remind yourself not to be biased based on the comments of others. One of the things that I have developed a sense for is the important bits of information when they are told to me. People often have all the data that they need but not the skill to pick out what the data is telling them. Even worse than that there is the whole issue with data overload. I have often times seen data used wrongly so many times.

For example, when I was at AFC we created a way of doing POTS (and DSL) at a much higher density to combat other solutions. The problem was that the other solutions were not actually lower cost than we were and I was against the work as stated. The data that was used in the analysis was different. The person proposing the product was using AFC's cost per port numbers and building a model based on that. I was comparing the notion to what I understood of the competitors financials and seeing how the gross margin basis played out. You can see how data can sometimes lead you to a wrong solution. I don't see this much anymore but is the old adage of G.I.G.O (Garbage In, Garbage Out).

So that is one of the very hardest parts of being in a New Role and providing Effective Leadership. You need to very quickly sort Good Data from Bad. With the Data, you provide the Vision and Plan to all involved and communicate the Goals and Metrics. Achievement brings Credibility and Trust.

Have a Great Week!

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