Your Branding Message - Bringing it to Life

We recognize that your Branding Message is all about the Value Promise to your Prospects and Customers. The Execution of that Branding Message is what your Customers attach themselves to. Today's post is all about how we create Brand Recognition. Brand Recognition is all about creating an Audience for your Brand. This means that before you have any Human Interaction with your Prospects that they have knowledge of what you do. It would be even better if your Brand conveyed to them some type of Value at that level, but this may or may not be true. Here is the problem. The large Brands we see today (especially in the Consumer Markets) spend large sums of money for this activity. Small Businesses do not have the kinds of capital to Execute the same strategy. So, what can we do?

Well the first place to start is with the definition of your Ideal Client. The reason is that the money you are going to spend needs to get spent effectively. The best way to spend those dollars is to focus them on the Prospects that will deliver you the most value. One of the problems for many Small Businesses is that they want this pool to be as large as possible. The owners reason that the more possible Prospects that they have the best chance in closing business. A more efficient way is to understand who you want to sell to and target your Brand at those Prospects as a priority.

The second point is to review your Brand Message and the promise that it makes. Does the promise have Value in the eyes of your Ideal Client? This is something very important and needs to be looked at from the outside in. One of the challenges that many businesses have is that they view their Value as they project it. Remember, it is the Prospect that has to perceive the value from the message. Remember that as you bring your message to the marketplace.

Third, you need to be consistent with the way your Brand Message is presented. This is the whole connection to your Logo, Colors and Tagline. The entire point of Audience creation is to have a number of touch points by which you reach out to potential Prospects. What the traditional Branding elements are intended to do is reinforce your Brand Message so that the appearance of one of the Branding elements causes recall of the Brand Message. One of the most important parts of this is consistency. Every time your Brand is seen or heard you want consumers to connect it to your Brand Message. This works best if the visual and audio representation of your Brand is constant.

So, that is a great way to start thinking about how to bring your Brand Message to Life. There is a LOT more on this topic yet to talk about!

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