Sonoma County: News and Notes

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I am just about back onto a normal schedule. I had a client that wanted me to do a project that was full time just for them. I didn't disrupt my current client schedules so I ended up with a couple of weeks of 60+ hours. Blogging became the thing at the bottom. Then I had a couple of hiccups with WordPress. For my readers, I started on WordPress but also use LinkedIn and my Website. The WordPress issues are resolved and I should be back on a normal schedule. I have booths at both the upcoming YPN Professional Development Day (4/30) and the Santa Rosa Business Showcase (5/7). Stop by and say hi!

This week I want to talk about one of the pressure points of the local economy - Water. It looks like Real Estate should loosen up "soon", but the drought will add a lot of pressure to us here in Sonoma County. The Wineries, Vineyards, Breweries, Distilleries and Food Manufacturers are all businesses heavily dependent upon water. If the drought continues, it is going to put pressure on those businesses.

To me the question is what can each of us do about it? Simply put, we can take a look at our water usage both in our businesses and in our personal life. In our personal life, the easiest thing to look at is Landscaping. There are many fine Landscapers in town that can put in Xeriscape and other lower water usage Landscaping. This can be true in our Business Life as well. I know that Carolyn Pistone at Clear Blue Commercial Property Management would love to help you with that.

Beyond that, you can look into Grey Water recovery. I was at a presentation where the Ice Rink at the Schulz Museum lowered their water consumption dramatically by working at it. I thought about that while was at the gym the other day. They do lots of laundry and the showers are used heavily. I have suggested to them to look into it. Is there something your business can do to cut water usage?

I am going to be offering a new Online Program called the Green Belt Business Mastery Course starting May 7th. The target audience for this is businesses that would like to have a Business Coach but feel unable to afford 1 on 1 coaching. This is the first in a series of courses running from Green Belt to Black Belt as well as some specialty Black Belt Classes. If you are interested or know someone who might be, feel free to contact me at for more information. You can also find HERE a document that shows the curriculum for the Green Belt!

Just a reminder if you are interested in visiting a great BNI group come visit us at Legends at the Bennett Valley Golf Course on Fridays just before 7AM. The “Best Networkers In Town” would be happy to have you visit. Great way to meet around 40 Business People here in Sonoma County. If you want any other information about this let me know. We provide Breakfast and you get to meet 40+ Business Owners. Ask yourself: If I do business with just one of those people, how much revenue can I make. You can find the group HERE!

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