Your Branding Message: Wrapping it All Up

So, we have taken a look at the last few week on the broad impact that a Brand Message can have on Your Business. I want to go back and align things to ensure that there is clarity for my message. I will start with Your Brand which is: Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) as viewed by Your Ideal Client. Also, recall Your Brand Message is "The Promise that You make to Your Prospects on becoming Your Customer." Those are my organizing principals here. It is all about the message that you communicate.

Looking back up the chain of logic, this means that you must be clear on both Your UVP and Your Ideal Client. Without understanding these two items, you are likely to have a problem in creating Your Business. You will spend resources trying to sell products and services to prospects that are not the best fit. I see this all the time in businesses. They spend considerable energy and money trying to close on prospects that are not the right fit. There are plenty of reasons for that, but the biggest is not knowing who you want to sell to and why they will want to buy.

Looking down the logic chain, Execution comes into focus. Are you and your employees meeting the Brand Promise every time? If not, then you have to change that. This is what Brand building in the real world is all about. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers. You made them specific promises and now it is time to follow through on them. That is what will build your reputation and thus your Brand.

Along with Your Brand are all the ways that you promote yourself. Are these ways compatible and positive for Your Brand. These promotions have to align with what you want both Your Brand and Your Brand Message say about you as well as your products and services. To be clear about promotions and promoting, I do not mean Coupons. I mean Marketing in whatever form you choose. That can be anything from Referrals to Telemarketing. You need to Assess whether this fits with your Brand.

For example, this is a Marketing piece for me. If you read what I write and like it, you are more likely to consider hiring me and my firm to work with you. I am writing in the form of providing Education and Information, but I hope you all realize that there is more to me than just the writing. My job is to apply the principals that I have given you (and others) to You and Your Business. If I help ensure your success and growth, then we both win. I get a client and hopefully a friend. You get to achieve your goals and hopefully make a friend as well.

So, how does Blogging fit with my Brand Message? Well, for me it is all about giving you tools. There are many parts of Coaching that I can't really do in a Blog. But there are some things and that is all about making you think about Your Business and how you will achieve Your Goals. If even one person gets thoughtful about what they do and why they do it, then this post is more than worthwhile.

Have a great day!

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