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Well now that Earnings Season is over and I have done my posts there, I want to return to one of my ongoing topics: Water. We are now fully past the rainy season for the summer. The question is for each of us is how can we help. I like to relate this back to a Business Topic. When someone is trying to change their business, they often look for magic bullets. In many ways, they are hard to find. So instead of going in that direction, we can look at our own lives and do something small and simple.

For example, my washing machine allows me to run an extra rinse cycle on my clothes. I have simply turned that off and skipped it. The same thing is true of my dishwasher. Now, I recognize that these are not big deals individually. But add them up, and we can get to a big change in our water usage. So, walk around your home and think about all the places you use water and see if you can do one small thing to reduce your usage. You can do the same thing in your workplace.

Maintenance can help considerably. Are there leaks and drips that you have not had fixed? Well, now is the time. How about your lawn sprinklers? Have you made sure that they are used only at night? Have you optimized the settings to ensure you are not over watering? Can you find a system that is just as effective but uses less water?

In fact, I would expect many people to turn to Xeriscaping to reduce water usage at their homes. But we can also look at this for work as well. You can talk to the Property Management company about it. It will save money in the long term.

Another thing you can consider is grey water systems if you need irrigation at all. There are plenty of choices and systems available. There are other things that are possible as well. You can do the research and see what you can see. It can save you money as well as reducing your water consumption.

Remember, Water is a big deal in our local economy. We have a lot of agricultural products (particularly the Wine Business), breweries/distilleries and food manufacturing companies that we want jobs from. If water becomes scare, it could impact our local economy. Something to consider when you want to take that long shower. If we all pitch in just a little, then this will not be an issue for us in the long term. Remember lots of small changes means we don't need to find that magic bullet.

The Sonoma County Water Agency and the City of Santa Rosa both have some great information on their Websites.

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