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Well, we are headed directly to the 4th of July weekend soon and there are lots of people on vacation. This is a great time to call your prospects. They are likely to have a bit more free time and you can set yourself up for a great fall! If you want to make the fall even better, you should consider my 1 on 1 Sales Mentoring Program. This is a 4 week plan that will work on your top Sales issues to allow you to close more business. Imagine how much more you could do if you closed just one more deal per week! Contact me at to learn more about this program. Closing more business will cost you less than $1,000! Today, Keysight announced its acquisition of Anrite for $611M in cash. In general, I think it is bad for Keysight to do acquisitions with its money. They have told us that they are in a slow growth market and that means that they should give the cash back to their shareholders. However, Keysight said part of the reason it is using cash is to use its overseas cash. If you have paid attention at all this has been a bit of political issue. Cash stored overseas by companies do not get taxed unless they bring it back into the US. Keysight found a way of using this cash at a discount. Seems to me that I might want to think about this strategy for the large cash holding businesses in the US (Microsoft and Apple for example). Other people may see this as another reason to close this tax loophole.

I want to spotlight the Patrick-Allen group in my interview with their Principal, Dale Correa.

Jim Sackman: Dale, what do you see as the hiring outlook for the next year or so? Dale Correa: Well, we have seen a significant uptick in hiring and I expect the job market to get easier for candidates over the next year. JS: What does this mean for employers? DC: They need to do a better job in marketing their openings to candidates to get good matches. They also need to take a look at their current employees and look at their benefits packages for retention. JS: Are there other ways to improve employee retention? DC: Certainly. One of the easiest is employee training, which is something I know you offer. In general, employers need to look at compensation, job conditions and benefits as a whole. In the recent past, employers controlled the market. Employees will have more choice soon and employers should get ahead of the curve. JS: You talked about marketing their positions. What do you mean by that? DC: Employers need to advertise their openings where their target candidates look and provide a really effective job description to be sure to get good candidates. This whole process is not about just getting resumes but getting the right resumes. And that is what we here are all about. JS: How so? DC: Our primary expertise is in getting good resumes into the hands of the hiring manager using all the new digital recruiting channels. That allows us to do this at a lower price than most of our competition. Many smaller businesses do not have a full time recruiter. We can augment there capability by providing our skills in areas that they won't have them. That is why we are unique and can help almost anyone hire just the right folks. JS: Thanks Dale! Sounds interesting.

Just a reminder if you are interested in visiting a great BNI group come visit us at Legends at the Bennett Valley Golf Course on Fridays just before 7AM. The “Best Networkers In Town” would be happy to have you visit. Great way to meet around 40 Business People here in Sonoma County. If you want any other information about this let me know. We provide Breakfast and you get to meet 40+ Business Owners. Ask yourself: If I do business with just one of those people, how much revenue can I make. You can find the group HERE!

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