Alignment and Customers

Last week I posted about Communications and Alignment. I think that internal communications is very important. This week I want to provide a thought about external communications. In particular, Communications with your Customers. Now most folks want to talk about Communications with new prospects and customers. I want to focus on the other end of the spectrum. Do you have an effective plan to communicate with your existing customers? Any Marketing or Sales person worth their salt will tell you that it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to land a new one.

I had a client that I was discussing their Unique Value Proposition (UVP) with a few weeks back and I posed the following question, "Have you asked your best customers why they hire you?" The intent of that question has a multitude of things that can be derived from it. In this case, the client was unclear on his UVP and I need to explore that with him. Since he has an ongoing and growing business, he is doing many things correctly. So, there is an academic exercise around Messaging that can be done. But to help push things along, why not find out what you are doing right already. Once he has talked to customers, he and I will sit down and see what he feels about the answers he has gotten.

This particular client works in a way that uses referral marketing with his client base. In fact, his business is built on that as a primary marketing channel. So, I asked him if he sends "Thank You" cards to his clients and includes a Business Card for them to hand out? Which he off implementing.

That is just one case and involves a particular client of mine. Everybody is different and needs to have a different communications plan with existing customers. The question that I have to ask you today is if you have looked at the alignment of these communications with your Brand and Messaging? It is just as important or perhaps more important than the messages that you send to your prospects. I saw a post that week that talked about Marketing Messaging on websites needed to be turned towards your existing customers. I disagree with that strongly. In many cases existing clients will not be visiting your website except to get phone numbers or location information. Specific customer offers they are likely on Landing Pages or Customer Portals that existing customers go to. Your main website is more a place for prospects than customers because of that.

So, in the end it is pretty simple. Have you looked at your UVP and seen if your customer communications is in line with it? I am sure you have with your prospect communications. This might be the easiest way to grow your business. If you had a higher rate of customer retention or greater spending by return customers, it might be the best way to grow!

Have a great day. Jim Sackman Focal Point Business Coaching Business Coaching, Executive Training, Sales Training, Marketing

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