Alignment and Simplicity

One of the problems that I have seen with clients is that they often don't see the complexity of the messaging that they send out to their Customers, Prospects and Partners. The complexity itself makes things difficult for others to see the value in their work. So, how to fix it? Well, the starting point is the old Elevator Pitch. There is a lot of disdain for these short messaging format. But in this context it has a purpose, how to keep your message simple. The simpler and clearer what you say is the better off you are. If you need to make a long sales pitch, you have to ask yourself how differentiated you really are. If the benefits of what you do are that hard to understand, how much on top of the priority list will you be.

In case you don't know, an Elevator Pitch is what you might tell someone about your business in an Elevator ride. Generally this is considered 1 minute or less with 3 ideas maximum to be communicated. Have you done this for your business? If not, it is the place to start. What would you do to communicate the important elements of your business in that short time what would you want your Customers, Prospects and Partners to hear?

Once we have those messages, you can then look at the rest of your marketing with those message as the backbone of what your communications is. Does your marketing align with your Elevator Pitch? If not, why not? Get back to basics and communicate those primary messages first. Often times I see marketing material written for those that are already in the business that the client is in. The language that is used is "Inside Baseball". That means that people are confused on what is meant by what the material says. Clients are often not aware that they are doing it. This is a perspective thing. What is necessary is an Outside - In perspective. In other words, from the perspective of the Customer. This is often a challenge for people that have worked in their business for a very long time. They can't get outside their box. In many ways, this is the best reason to engage outsiders. They can give you the perspective from outside the business without any prejudice, especially if they have not spent significant time within the industry.

So, even though that Elevator Pitch may never be actually used it becomes the best method of simplifying your message. There is one more element of this simplicity and that is repetition. People get your message through repeated contact. This is one of the primary goals of Alignment. Every contact that you have with a Prospect or Customer delivers the same message. Remember they are not inside your business every day to hear your message. They need to receive it regularly.

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