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  The rain keeps coming and that makes me happy. We need the rain to help us with the current drought and help relieve pressure on our out of date water infrastructure. I guess we can thank El Nino.

Last week I spent time with Stephanie Sharp. Stephanie is a Hair Stylist who has been plying her trade for a long time in the East Bay and is now available for some appointments in the North Bay. She is working at Sharp Cuts 2 in Rohnert Park. This is located inside the Clubhouse at Oak View of Sonoma Hills off of Rohnert Park Boulevard. I talked to Stephanie about what is going to make Sharp Cuts 2 a great place.

Jim Sackman: So Stephanie, why the move to the North Bay?

Stephanie Sharp: Well Jim, I have been developing my skills and want to apply them in a particular way that makes sense to be in Sonoma County. To be specific that means I want to work with Women that are 55+.

JS: Sonoma County has a relatively high percentage of retirees, so that makes perfect sense.

SS: Absolutely. Older women have some special hair care needs, but really I consider myself a Hairapist.

JS: What is a Harapist?

SS: I want to be more than just the person that cuts Hair. One of the challenges for older women is that they often times feel alone or less connected than they did in the past. I get a chance to interact in a very personal way with these women. We get to share time and beauty together.

JS: Sort of like the old way men used to look at their bartenders?

SS: A bit. But I want to provide a chance foe older women to feel beautiful again. They often times feel ignored and I can help by being their listening to their needs.

JS: We all want a bit of attention.

SS: I was working with a woman the other day who had a specific hair style that she wanted. Previous stylists would not do that for her and I did. I listened to what she wanted and gave it to her. We both had a great time and she was very happy when I left. It made me feel like I was walking on clouds when I was done. That is why I have this specialty...for women like her!

Well, I want to thank Stephanie for sharing her passion with me. I love to talk to business owners about what they love to do and share it with all of you. If you know someone who has a business and wants to talk about it, just let me know.

Have a great day!

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