Sonoma County: News and Notes

First, I hope you all had a great MLK day! Well, we have been pounded by rain over the last few weeks and that is a good thing. I just hope we don't lose focus on fixing our water infrastructure, but I will bet that this rain has greatly abated what is going to be spent on that front.

But one thing that happens with storms like this is property damage and leaks that you didn't know you had come out of nowhere. For roof and gutter issues, I would recommend you call Letitia Hanke of ARS Roofing. If you need some quick repairs, try Jason Thomas of Super Services. If you have larger construction issues, try Jim Gemperline of C and J Property Services. If you have Electrical problems, try Bill Henry at B. Henry Quality Electric. If you have remediation work because of water, try Tyler Ramirez of Bravo Restoration. If you end up hating your Insurance, try Joerg Olsen at Sherzer and Associates. You can find them all at the Best Networkers in Town. Every one of them is part of my BNI team. I have used many of these folks myself and refer my BNI partners regularly. I get to hear weekly about the people that they have served and done quality work for.

Beyond meeting many great business people, this is one of the huge benefits of belonging to BNI. You end up being able to give your clients and friends connections to great business professionals. It is like you have this huge portfolio of things that you can call on to help people. This is a marketing expense, but businesses find that this type of referral marketing has a huge Return on Investment (ROI). You might think that this is only for small companies but I have been in referral groups like this with folks from Summit State Bank, Sonic.Net and even Wells-Fargo.

So, the only question is - Do you want to grow your Business Network AND your Business? If so, feel free to contact me or just come to our meeting at Legends on Friday at 6:45AM (we will get you out by 8:30AM). There is no costs for visitors and you get to meet about 50 Business Owners and Executives from Sonoma County. If you live somewhere else check out the BNI SF Bay Website for details on where you can find other chapters. There are 8 chapters in Santa Rosa alone and you will be able to find one that is right for you!

One other thing that is going on that I wanted to tell you about is an all day class being sponsored by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board. This is called the 2016 Government Procurement Conference. The goal is to help small businesses understand how to qualify to sell to government agencies. There are set asides that the government makes to help small businesses with guaranteed business. Follow the LINK to learn more.

Have a great day!

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