Sonoma County: News and Notes

  I am continuing on with my series of talking to local businesses. Today I am going to focus on Moira Nobles of Head to Heart Transformational Coaching. You might ask why I might talk about another Coach. There are pretty simple reasons for that. First, I focus on Businesses. It is true that I need to understand the person's motivations and deal with them. This means that I have to be clear their life and how the Business impacts their life. This is the entire point of my tagline: Change Your Business - Change Your Life! I am an expert in growing businesses and getting people what they want out of them.

That means there are a whole range of Life Issues that there are experts out there that deal with them much better than I do. On top of that, choosing someone to work with is a deeply personal choice. I would rather see a person getting the help they need from someone else than not at all. All of this means that I refer people to my direct and indirect competitors if I think it is a better fit. In Moira's case, she is Certified as in Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. How this differs from what I do and who is her prime candidates to work with is what she and I talked about.

Jim Sackman: So, Moira what can you tell me about NLP? Many of my readers will not be familiar with it. Moira Nobles: NLP is a process of rewiring your thinking by getting your conscious and sub-conscious mind to think more properly about things.

JS: Well, that is a little vague can you help me a bit more? MN: Sure! The way you Communicate about things tells us a lot about how you feel about them. So, when you have problems thinking about something it manifests in your language. NLP helps us by getting our Communications right and thus the whole thought process is corrected on a topic.

JS: Okay that helps a little. Can you give me an example? MN. Absolutely. Phobias - you know fears - are one of my specialties. In a Business context, Fear of Public Speaking is one of the greatest fears in the world. There have been studies that show that Fear of Public Speaking is worse than Fear of Death. The problem lies within the person as they think about speaking in public and this extends into the sub-conscious mind. What we do in NLP is work on aligning the conscious and sub-conscious thinking to the goal that the person wants to set. From there we have to look through what the root cause of the phobia is and get people to change their thinking. We will be able to measure this by tracking how they Communicate about it.

JS: Are there other fears that can be relieved this way? MN: Yes there are. One of the big ones in Business is the Fear of Rejection as it relates to Sales. People don't call prospects because they don't want to hear no. That same reasoning is why they never ask for the order. Once they understand that they are not being personally rejected they are able to be more successful.

JS: So why do you do this and use NLP? MN: Much of my purpose here comes from my own story. That story is too long to tell, but let's say that NLP helped me get past troubles I was having. It has led me to be a much more open and happy person. I want to share that gift with others.

So if fear is blocking what you want to accomplish, you might want to give Moira Nobles at Head to Heart a call. Her office is in Petaluma and she also is a member of the Best Networkers in Town BNI Chapter. You can meet her and 50 other Business People every Friday at Legends (at the Bennett Valley Golf Course) at 6:45AM. Stop by and learn more about all of us and BNI. Jim Sackman Focal Point Business Coaching Business Coaching, Executive Training, Sales Training, Marketing

Change Your Business - Change Your Life!