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The rain is gone for now, but cooler temperatures should help us maintain our snow pack. We are not through the drought according to the news reports, but it is very encouraging that we are at a much better place than we were last year. Some of the largest reservoirs are over normal capacity and the snow pack is near normal. All of this is good news for us in Northern California. I spoke recently to Lincoln Miller of about his role with Sonic and what they are up to in with their newer offerings.

Jim Sackman: Hi Lincoln, you are a Senior Fiber Specialist. Can you tell me about this? Lincoln Miller: Thanks Jim for speaking to me. I am part of the changes going on in Sonic where we are pursuing our own fiber optic network and becoming less reliant on AT&T for connectivity. As for myself, I deal strictly with Business Customers as they are connected to our network.

JS: So, where are business services available? LM: That is a huge part of my job. For example, we offer service near the Santa Rosa Airport and along North McDowell Boulevard in Petaluma. We have other neighborhoods that are opening soon. But a whole lot of my job is looking for others.

JS: Anything specific that you are looking for? LM: Well, yes actually. Sonic is currently working to build a fiber network that will essentially serve the 101 corridor in the North Bay, so I am looking to meet with business owners and commercial property owners in these areas to discuss bringing Gigabit fiber to their areas.

JS: Why would people want your service over your competition? LM: We are building a Gigabit network. People will get that extreme speed and phone service at a relatively modest price. For $40 per user per month companies can get the best service available. Imagine how it can change your business by providing such great connectivity to your customers, partners, and employees. We have award winning customer service that makes our customers can depend on. On top of that, we are a local company and that keeps the money we bring in local. As you know dollars spent locally mean that we all do better here in the North Bay.

JS: What should people do if they want this great service? LM: The easiest thing is to go to our website and connect with us. We will get them hooked up with the right person to talk about their needs. I would love to talk to anyone who has a business along the 101 corridor to see if we can get more businesses on our fiber solutions!

So, there it is. A local company trying to beat the big boys by installing a better network, delivering a better service, and doing so at a price that anyone can afford. Contact Lincoln Miller and Sonic to learn more!

Have a great week!

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