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As we roll through Spring and the rest of the year, I have been thinking a lot about housing in our area. I will spend posts over the next few weeks talking about that. But this week, I want to tell you that I spent some time with Ken Kelly of WSI Smart Marketing. WSI Smart Marketing is a family owned business in Santa Rosa that provides Digital Marketing support and tools. Jim Sackman: Hey Ken, so what is new in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Ken Kelly: Well, Jim that is a funny thing. Google is always doing new things but that is really not our focus.

JS: I am in your BNI group and I don't know your focus? KK: That is partly why you are here. Yes, we are SEO experts and Google Partners. But our focus right now is Conversion Tracking. From our perspective, it is most critical that companies get value for every marketing dollar that they spend. Without the proper tools and methods, they simply won't know.

JS: Yes, Marketing is all about Measurement. KK: We won't simply measure what we do. We will measure the effectiveness of all their marketing tools and campaigns. This includes Digital, Print, Radio or TV. WSI Smart Marketing can provide the feedback for a company so that it gets the same level of knowledge about its Marketing that Large Enterprises do. We treat this kind of consulting as the most important thing that we can do for a client.

JS: But you still implement people's Digital Marketing Campaigns right? KK: Absolutely. We consider ourselves experts in SEO. My son Ryan Kelly has given many talks here in Sonoma County as well as at WSI conferences on the topic. Proper implementation of SEO is important. It is how we became such experts in Conversion Tracking. We found that our customers were not receiving the same quality of feedback from their other Marketing spends. It made it hard to compare how well each tool was working for a customer. We spent time working at becoming great at measuring effectiveness by all the Advertising Mediums and now present a consolidated view for clients.

JS: What is Conversion Tracking? KK: Well, as you know a Conversion Rate is the percentage of prospects that move along each step along the way to becoming a customer. We look at their spend and track dollars per becoming a lead, then dollars per customer acquisition, then eventually dollars per average sale. All that tracking means that our clients can become the master of the critical CCA versus LFC equation.

JS: CCA and LFC are what? KK: Cost of Customer Acquisition and Life Value of Customers. For a business to be viable Customers Need to be more profitable than it costs to acquire them. Unless you know how much your spending to get how much out then you will not build a thriving business. By measuring each Marketing channel, we all get to learn what works for the business and what doesn't. It allows them to spend money and thrive!

I would like to thank Ken and Ryan Kelly for opening up their business to me. If you have any questions about Conversion Tracking, SEO or even Advanced Paid Seach, think about calling WSI Smart Marketing.

Have a great day!

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