Time and Employees: Conclusions

  Well, hiring an employee is a transaction in leverage. By hiring an employee, the goal is to create enough additional time to justify the cost. The employee will not provide 100% additional gain, but something less than that. It is part of organizational friction and communications to keep from adding people at 100% efficiency. Writ large, it why very large organizations move slowly and are bureaucratic. It takes a lot of effort to keep 100,000 people moving in the same direction. Which is my first conclusion. Clarity and Alignment are critical here. Unless people are working to being aligned with the business, then things are much less efficient. This is why getting Vision and Mission clear are so important for a business. If you are a regular reader of what I do, then you know that I talk about this as part of your Brand. The point of this is very simple. People make decisions daily inside a business. If they are making them with the same criteria in mind, then the impact of the decisions will be cumulative and in the same direction. That is how to move a business.

To get appropriate leverage you need two critical elements. The first is a plan. That is a plan for the role or roles that the employee will fill in the organization. That will tell you what hard skills are required. But it will also help you judge success with the person. Before they start you should be able to say what will happen when they succeed at their job. This should include some business metrics that roll through to the bottom line. You can present this to the person before or after they start, but there is no reason to hide what will make them a success. They want to know. The second is diversity. In this case, I don't mean our traditional view of diversity. Here I mean skills and personality. Many leaders want to hire people like themselves. But if they hire people that help cover their weaknesses, they can be more successful. The challenge is that this means that one must acknowledge and deal with their own weaknesses. By weaving a tapestry of skills, the leader can create a team. And it is that team that is going to win.

So, I have outlined some of the issues in getting the right folks to fill positions from creating the right job description through hiring and onboarding to delegation and performance management. Needless to say each one of these areas is fitting for a deep exploration. My goal has been to introduce the topics and help leaders think through all the aspects of having an effective employee.

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