Sonoma County: News and Notes

scan0001 I wanted to start this week by thanking my clients and friends at Insight Sign and Graphics with working with me to provide a new sign for Middletown to replace the one that was burned by the Lake County Fire.  It is great to work with people that give back to the community in the wake of a tragedy. The team at Insight Sign and Graphics worked with Boy Scout Troop 121 and the Middletown Rotary Club to get this project done.

Next, I wanted to say thank you for some local government goodness.  I went to the DMV yesterday to renew my license.  I had set up an appointment and was in and out in under 20 minutes.  That was pretty impressive.  When I was leaving, the receptionist at the desk was having to explain to a client why they couldn't renew a Nevada Driver's License in California.  Sigh.  Earlier this year I was sent a Jury Duty notice by the Federal Government to spend 1/2 of every day for 6 weeks on a trial.  Luckily, I did Jury Duty for Sonoma County in January.  I needed proof of this and so I sent an email to the Jury Duty folks.  The contact form said to expect and answer in 3 - 5 days.  Well, in about an hour I got an email back saying that they had forwarded it to the right people.  Those people called me an hour later and left me a voice mail telling me how I could print out proof and giving me the information I would need to do it.  Awesome work ladies and gents!

But mainly this week I wanted to talk about what is going on in the local Cannabis business.  With the City of Santa Rosa starting to license growing facilities, there has been a lot of interest.  This has led to a bit of a run on space where growing would be allowed.  I am a bit concerned that this adds to our dependence on agriculture (particular export agriculture) in the local economy.  I have been posting about the job and housing market interactions and agriculture does not generate a lot of high-paying jobs.  I grew up on a farm and I can tell you farmers don't get rich.

The thing is there is likely to be a bubble around Cannabis prices.  As more states legalize products, there is likely to be an ongoing decline in prices.  That means that over time the value of the businesses created will decline.  There is some concern that people will build their business plans around the bubble prices and not create sustainable business models.  So before you jump in, think about the long-term possibilities.

Have a great day!


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