Net Neutrality Friday

You have probably noticed my silence on Net Neutrality of late. There is a reason for that. Not much has really been happening. The question we need to ask is that good or bad? On the positive side of things we have stability. People should be no less happy with the state of their Internet Service than a year ago. But they were complaining then about prices and speeds. So, are they happier? Not sure. Given all the stuff that is going on in the world from Shooting to Brexit to ISIS to the US Presidential Race to the Zika Virus, Internet Service issues has fallen pretty far down on folks radar. That is the way of things. Especially today, we move from Crisis to Crisis in the News cycle. It wasn't that long ago that the world was going to fly apart because of Brexit. Now that doesn't even make the news. What does that have to do with Net Neutrality? It is mostly that I want people to be thoughtful when we have the News Cycle. Our current changes on Net Neutrality left a lot of things unsolved. Top of my list is Universal High Speed Broadband in the US. However, it will likely be years before we get a shot of enough visibility to do anything about it. We spent our energy last time on Net Neutrality. Nothing against it, but I thought it was the wrong fight. Not because I don't want fair access, but because universal access is more important in my mind. I don't have John Oliver behind my issue, so I lose out. The worst part is what he said on his episode that caused Net Neutrality to be a thing was wrong. And nobody questioned him on it.

Why is that? Hey with all respect to John Oliver and John Stewart, they are not experts in the fields that they bring to light. Some of the issues that they talk about are much more nuanced than was discussed on their shows. They only have at most 15 or 20 minutes to bring people up to speed on something that people spend years studying. They make a few smart comments and present a point of view. It is hard to be on the other side or somewhere in the middle as you don't have the platform.

If you think that kind of simplification is okay, let me point out that this is the same complaint that the general news market has about the way that Brexit went or that the Trump campaign is going. The Internet has a large number of technical, business and social challenges. We have to face them in a way that will not make everyone happy. But we do need to understand the issues of others so that we can come up with an effective solution that works for as many people as we can.

Have a great weekend!

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