Delegation and Decisions

I run into a number of Business Owners who want to change their delegation of tasks for several reasons. The one that we are following through on here is the result of our A-B-C-D-E analysis. From that, we need to figure out who to delegate a task to and then how to actually do the delegation.

But before we even get there, we need to set some expectations of the delegation. This will not be a 100% efficient process and we need to make sure that we have accounted for that. There are many reasons for this, but we need to be clear about them.

The first is the training that is required. Whenever a task is delegated, it needs to be put into a clear business process. This is the first point of inefficiency. A person that has been running a business often mixes two or more processes that should be separated. This can make the work more efficient but can make it difficult to impossible to delegate. The person that is being delegated two may not be handling both tasks. Additionally, by separating the tasks there can be clarity around what makes each process function. We can measure each process more effectively.

That process will have a set of elements and many people just train for those elements to go correctly. The better way to go about this is to also cover the failure paths. These are the ways that things can go wrong in the flow of the work. And this is where we come to the challenges that we have with delegating. When things go wrong is when people need to make decisions about the way they are going to course correct and get back on track. This is where we need to make sure that the training is clear. When somebody is just starting a new task, you need them to make black and white decisions. The less chance that they have to make a mistake in decision-making the better off the delegation will be. You also need to provide them a path for escalating decisions back to you. This gives them the ultimate out when they are unclear on what to do.

Finally, you need to let them know what you need as status updates. This will allow you to monitor the delegation efficiently.

With all of that, you will have started delegating tasks as effectively as you can. This is a great way of getting more time back in your day.

Have a great day!

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