Last week I talked about the Average Hourly Wage as a way of evaluating quantitatively all the tasks that you have. That is a more personal way to look at Zero Basing, which is more of a company way of evaluating. As you recall, we are talking about this so that we can look at ways to improve the productivity at your business. We want to improve productivity so that we can grow the business greater than inflation and grow the profits of the business.

This week we want to look at a qualitative way of evaluating Time and Tasks called the A-B-C-D-E method. This provides a counterpoint to the quantitative method of the Average Hourly Wage. You start by putting every task you perform on a weekly basis on a list. You then assign one of the letters to each of the tasks. A is used to describe those things that you must do. B is used to note a task that you should do. A C task is one that you can do. D tasks are those that should be delegated to others, either internally or externally. If a task gets an E, then it should be eliminated. Those Es are much like the processes eliminated in Zero Basing.

Now the challenge comes up that when people do this, they end up with a lot of As and a few Ds and Es. This is a bit helpful as those D and E tasks are going to be off your plate. The reality is that not every task is an A. This is where the use of the Average Hourly Wage can come in handy. If you take all those tasks in the A bucket and then write down their Average Hourly Wage, you now have a way of comparing tasks in the A bucket. Those with the highest hourly wage will be As. Those with the lowest are generally Cs. Now, there will always be exceptions but most of your tasks should be Cs. The A rating should be reserved for those things that really move the needle at the company.

Well, we have talked about some things that can be used to evaluate personal and corporate productivity. These tools can be used to make sure that you and your employees are working on the right things for your business.
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