Getting Specific

When we talk about Coaching and Consulting, we need to get specific. By that I mean that we need to have SMART Goals. Now, this is not a post about SMART Goals and what they are. This is about the consequence of not having them. In this case, specifically in the Vision Statement for a Business.

Now wait a minute, you are thinking, we have some very lofty goals to obtain in our Vision. Yes, you probably do. The question is do these Goals motivate and guide your employees?

Many of the Vision statements I have seen sound like standard Press Release descriptions...Jim Corp, a leading supplier of blah, blah, blah. Those kind of descriptions don't mean anything. They are essentially boiler plate used to make sure that you have something defined that can be defended. They do not set a path for your employees to succeed.

What is needed? There are two bits of this that are super important. First, the Vision must be something that can be obtained. I don't mean that it is easy or even likely. I mean that you need to be able to support the Vision with a measurement that some day you can declare: "We won!" Whether you will actually hit that Vision is a different question. The point is to define what winning means. That way there is clarity around a set of actions that can be taken to ensure that you reach your Vision. You can also know if you are off track and course correct to get to where you want to be. Finally when you have won this Vision, you can define a new one.

But there is another element and that is making it personal for each employee. What can they do to help the Business achieve the Vision? Even more importantly, when the Vision is achieved what will it mean for them? Is there a bonus or a raise? Does it mean the Business is expanding and there exists the chance for advancement? I think that you can see where this is going. If you are going to have a Vision that means something to you, you need to define it in a way that means something for your employees. Having a Vision that is you get rich and retire will not cut it. This is especially true in these days of tough hiring.

So, think about it. Does your Vision mean that your employees win as well? If they do, then you have a winning and motivating formula!

Jim Sackman
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